frequently asked questions

how long does it take to ship my order?


it will take 4 to 8 business days to recieve your order in canada and a little longer  if it's international

approximately 2 to 4 weeks . . .
but remember not to include the weekends or holidays or any custom's delay

how much is shipping?

our shipping depends on what you purchase
but additional items are only $2 more
so buy as much as you like!

we use kraft paper or biodegradable organic starch peanut foam filler in our shipping if needed
it decomposes in water leaving no toxic waste (
FDA compliant)

all our bags are recyclable... yes even the plastic ones!


do you make reprints of your limited editions?


we do not repeat any of our limited canvas prints
once they're sold out of the 122 or 25 limited prints...they are gone forever!

but we are always coming out with new limited prints and new products, so

always come back and check our website!

are there refunds or exchanges?

your item may be exchanged or refunded if not suitable within 14 days of reciept
please ensure item is returned in original condition and packaging

can I custom order a piece?

yes!  most definitely

you can commission us for original pieces...canvas art, oil pastel in any custom size!

please contact us for details and pricing







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