original mini canvas drawings

hand illustrated on cotton canvas with ink and a touch of colored lacquer for the accent ready to show off on it's own wooden easel

each piece is hand drawn on a 7x5 inch cotton canvas and displayed on a 7x9.5 inch wood easel

since each artwork is hand drawn, painted with lacquer and stamped, there may be slight differences... making each one unique and special!

you can even personalize a name or words on wood easel ! 

flying piggie

flying piggie

fly piggie! fly!
when little pigs can fly, anything can happen :0)
even personalize a name, saying or word on your own easel !

I'm Another title

special delivery

a very special little delivery....

carried by the winds to that special parents to be with love!


I'm Another title

love bunny

crazy like a fox

let this little bunny love you!

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wendy CHO