Politique d'expédition


*we will ship your lovely item out in about 2-3 days (sooner if possible:) after payment has been received
*if item is SOLD OUT or made to order, processing times may vary and will be stated as indicated per item

Please also keep in mind there maybe longer shipping times due to Covid delays.  Thank you for you patience!

*shipping within North America normally takes 4-15 business days after processing time to arrive but could take a little longer dependent on weather, location, customs etc.
*a tracking number will be provided shortly after item has been shipped

*international shipments normally takes 3-4 weeks after processing time but can take a little longer due to location or shipment, customs or shipping delays
*some deliveries can take up to 6 weeks to arrive so please be patient:)
*there has been some longer than expected delays shipping to these countries approximately 1-2 months delivery time
*customs has held items for up to 3 MONTHS
*if you have encountered a delay, please contact your local post office or customs


*duties and taxes are determined by the customs agency within the destination country
*although charges are not always incurred, assessment of duties and taxes will be based on the value of the order and the tax-free threshold
*payment of any duties and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient, and these fees are collected at the time of delivery
*more information can be obtained by contacting your local customs office